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Add-On Options

Domain Registration

$5 - $25 /mo

Email Forms

Flash Banners

$55 - $105

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There are many options and uses for a Multi-Page web-site.
  • Contact Information
  • Promote a Band or Group
  • Support Your Church
  • Showcase Your Hobby
  • Advertise A Business
  • Create A Family Site
  • Express A Project
  • Highlight A Community
  • I will build or design a multi-page web-site for $345 for the first five (5) pages and $75 for each additional page.
    Included in this price are links to other sites or email addresses, backgrounds, borders, images (yours or mine), and any text you wish to be posted to the web.

    You can add things like having your own domain name and adding fill-in forms to your web-pages for just a few more dollars per design-order. We will even set you up to accept credit cards for e-commerce without having to open a merchant account. Email newsletters and updates along with autoresponse messages all available w/ unlimited email addresses for you to use, too.

    Some leave their web-sites alone for months while others are always updating and changing their online appearance. We will update our own work @ the rate of $30.00 per page.

    Don't get left behind. Claim your own piece of the web, today!

    single page job


    I will design a one-page layout for your hobby, family, or business.

    Graphics used may be yours or mine.

    The general purpose of a single web page is business card advertising or announcements.

    for more details on
    the single page job

    ›› Example 1-Page

    five page website


    I will design a basic five-page website for your hobby, family, or business.

    Graphics used may be yours or mine.

    The general purpose of a basic website is to advertise a business or promote a hobby.

    for more details on
    the 5-page website

    ›› Example 5-Page

    multi page website

    $345 + $75ea

    Multi-page web-sites are generally designed for business.

    Most common are themes designed for Promotion, Advertisement, or Education.

    This plan begins with the 5-page model, but develops into it's own personality with growth.

    for more details on
    the multi-page website

    ›› Example Multi-Page

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